Who is like unto God?  You might have read about that famous challenging cry St. Michael the Archangel gave Lucifer before defeating him and his rebellious third of the angels in the famous battle described in the book of Revelation (Rev. 12:7-9). With this thought in mind, I'd like to start off with a prayer that I think might be quite appropriate in these turbulent unsettling times. 

Dear Lord, help us all to understand, especially now, how important it is to seek to do Your will in all things with Your help and grace. Remind us not to put our trust in princes, no matter how seductive or even coercive they might be in their false promises of an earthly paradise. Help us rather to remember that we should strive for the true peace that comes from following You and in obeying Your commandments. Amen!  

The Covid pandemic has brought to light some disturbing coercively utopian plans from the world’s so-called elites for a technocratic one world government with the globalists, the United Nations, and various non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations running things, supposedly for our own good and the good of the planet, in what is being called the Great Reset or the New World Order. All of this should raise eyebrows as well as awareness! 

Needless to say, this is an especially important time for our prayers, penances, and availing ourselves of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Penance, better known as Communion and Confession, whenever and wherever possible (although in many areas, because of the pandemic, this has become quite hard to do)!

Partly in the name of regulating carbon to fight what they see as the deleterious effects of climate change, among other things, these elites want to control our lives to an unprecedented extent, as to where you can live and work, how much you can drive, and what you can and cannot do, even what you can eat!

This might very well lead into where and how you can worship, all this ostensibly for some predetermined planetary common good with the Triune God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as an afterthought at best!

Note also that there is an elite focus as well on population control and even reduction, again, supposedly for the good of the planet! 

Concerns about this possible dystopian future should not just be sloughed off as QAnon Conspiracy fodder! I recognize it’s all too easy to mutter “conspiracy theory” when confronted with this information, and indeed it is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff from various websites, admittedly quite a difficult task. 

But the censorship coming from Facebook, Twitter, and Google about various Covid treatments for example, only adds fuel to the fire for many of us questioning motives and agendas.

The “movers and shakers” among the globalists, are poised to do a great deal of harm to humanity if we don’t raise awareness about the challenges and dangers that lie ahead and make our voices heard peacefully but forcibly nonetheless! 

I know all this talk of technocratic takeover might sound crazy. So did the notion that some misfit painter named Hitler ranting on newsreels in the 1930’s would somehow manage to take over much of Europe in 1940, and that it would take a devastating war to defeat him. 

Yet when societies abandon God by worshiping false Gods like Der Führer, they wind up embracing all kinds of sins. And remember, sin can make you stupid, even dangerously so!  

This all involves people playing God, most likely without seeking His help or grace, to manage affairs more and more only with human strength, with our Lord all but forgotten at best. 

Where is God? Where is Jesus in all this? To quote Mary Magdalene in John’s Gospel “They have taken away my Lord” (John 20:13).

Granted, supernatural Faith in the Trinity and Christianity seems tragically superstitious to many of those who think of themselves as humanity’s final authority. But Jesus has given us an abundance of proof to those willing to believe. But what warped faith will be required in this New World Order?  

Will it be some strange worldly humanist creed supplanting Christianity  with man in the driver’s seat rather than the Son of Man (Jesus), worshipping the created (Earth and the elite rulers) rather than the creator? This is indeed a real possibility. 

For an example of the kind of thinking prevalent among elites these days, the American Humanist Association boasts of striving “to bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life”, and they are by no means a voice in the wilderness in promoting this kind of philosophy. They say in effect, we can bring about the goodness and dignity of every human being without any sort of Divine help or guidance, thank you very much!

That didn’t work out too well in the past century with the worldwide toll of those perishing under Communism well over 100 million people in atheistic societies that brought about neither freedom nor prosperity. They fall tragically short of their utopian promises every time.

Time and time again we’ve seen governments acting supposedly for the good of the people, where the very richest and most powerful (and perhaps most cunning) in society wind up running, owning, and controlling everything!

Australia, where freedom of speech and movement have been severely curtailed this year in the name of fighting Covid, has given us a chilling look at what could be coming to the US soon. And the plans to implement so-called health passes or vaccine passports, along with employer mandates, are raising major concerns worldwide over forcing people to be vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs or even participate in everyday activities.

This is not to denigrate medical treatment, but when it comes to treating Covid one size does not fit all! “No jab no job” carries with it a Pandora’s box of problems concerning medical privacy, religious objections, and possibly serious disruptions to one’s natural immune system with deadly side effects as a result. 

I just hope and pray we can all see what could turn into a road to hell up ahead paved with supposedly the very best of intentions. And that, more importantly,our clergy may be made aware of those in power who wish to make themselves God.

And that we all can peacefully, but thoroughly, resist any Great Reset or New World Order, or Agenda 2030 by another name, run by human beings with little or no thought or concern for God’s will for us. 

Those who seek to “Build Back Better” as the phrase goes, wish to set up a technocratic government free from traditional democratic restraints of consent of the governed. Their professed aim is to lead us into some sort of post-industrial paradise in which all your needs will supposedly be met by an elite of technical experts controlling everything.

In their world the state should fashion and control your destiny, not you acting in accordance with God’s will!

I’m not an expert on this subject by any means, but I hope that some pages like those linked below, and in the text links on this page, can help shed some light on all this, but my selection is meant to be suggestive, not exhaustive by any means. 

You may well ask, how could any of this level of control possibly be enforced? Look at your smartphone in part for the answer! 

Now, I don’t mean to be a Luddite. I’m grateful for advances in technology that allow me to be read and heard literally all around the world on various portable devices, for example! But I don’t want my phone to turn into a digital overseer with a QR code becoming mandatory to report on how good a citizen some technocratic state deems me to be! 

The code on your phone for a vaccine passport or “health pass” can easily be expanded to include all sorts of other personal information!

We’re already seeing this take shape in China with the social credit score where citizens are rewarded or penalized and given various privileges or restrictions by a numerical rating based on their behavior and loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party’s regime. 

There have even been calls for a Global ID. This could become a mandatory Digital ID, perhaps called a Health ID of some sort, whether by phone, or facial recognition, or some sort of implant perhaps, (Heaven forbid!) that becomes required for all activity and commerce. Think of George Orwell’s 1984 in 2034 or maybe even 2024! 

Your smartphone could easily become a digital leash in the not-too-distant future from the QR code and surveillance from the phone itself. And might that leash for those following some predetermined algorithm of obedience to the state set up by the powers that be become a digital noose all too easily if you step out of line?

How might this happen? For starters, there are quite serious plans in the works to digitize all our currencies. With that you can say goodbye to your privacy, as an elite group acquires a powerful means of coercion to decide your future, and your children's as well, in what you can buy and sell.

Already in today’s Cancel Culture people’s livelihoods are being threatened if they don’t follow politically correct orthodoxies. This trend will only get worse unless we all push back on this! 

Think of that social credit score coming here to the US or other countries perhaps in the not-too distant future. You have the wrong websites on your browsing history, the wrong friends, perhaps, or even the wrong thoughts as determined by elites? Better get in line or you won’t get to leave your house or even have access to groceries perhaps!

Those who were being denied access to supermarkets in France this past Summer if they didn’t have the right health pass on their phones may be just a foretaste of what’s to come here and perhaps worldwide!

The World Economic Forum, a major player in the push for the Great Reset released a video in 2017 in which they foresaw a wonderful future by 2030 in which, as they put it so memorably “you will own nothing but be happy.” Why? Well, all your needs will be taken care of by that trusted group of experts in corporate technocratic governance! 

Ah... but what’s the catch? Well, for starters, this is partly why socialism was condemned by various popes over the past centuries. Such top-down governance deprives many of us of the means to exercise our God given abilities and talents on His and our behalf in an increasingly intrusive and authoritarian bureaucratic state. 

When you own nothing, you become a kind of serf, perhaps in this case a techno serf, whose destiny is determined not by you, following God’s will, but rather by overlords for whom you are in effect just a piece of property. 

The planners in and out of the UN and globalist think tanks foresee a world they control, part of what is known as Agenda 2030. This is a world of socialist styled “smart cities” micromanaging all aspects of one’s life including diet, vocation, and energy consumption all in the name of fighting carbon and climate change. It is worth asking, how much of this is about being good stewards of the earth or about fostering technocratic, autocratic control of humanity?

The abolition of private property mentioned earlier, a key Marxist tenet by the way, might sound appealing considering all the wars and family conflicts, too numerous to mention as well, that have been spawned from private property disputes. 

However, its abolition leads not to paradise but to a hell on earth in which select overlords wind up controlling everything and keeping everyone else from achieving the economic and social empowerment they claim to champion. When "the people" own everything we do indeed own nothing! 

Why not teach people instead about the Christian principles of being good stewards of private property, of not being greedy hellbound individuals whose only value is how much they own, for whom too much is never enough? Of sharing God’s blessings and talents you’ve been given naturally without coercion. Of asking God to help you deal with whatever concupiscent greedy desires you have?

Think also of the parables of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) or the parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:16-21) in the Gospels, for good instructive examples of how not to behave.

As more and more small businesses go out of business from the aftereffects of the pandemic, we see that the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, that human affairs are best managed at a level closest to those affected, is being ignored and otherwise shunted aside. This is much like our Lord in the Tabernacle being placed in a separate room or in a corner in many of our churches nowadays! 

God gave you a talent to operate a bakery, a restaurant, a hardware store, to have your own business as a mechanic or hairstylist or such and thus serve your family and community? Too bad! Your business or livelihood has been deemed non-essential in many places from Covid! We are entering a world dominated by the likes of Walmart and Amazon, with many mom-and-pop stores and local services risking extinction from rolling lockdowns.

Our Wizards of Smart seek to create a well-ordered heaven on earth, one that we Christians know, or should know, that fallen humanity can’t achieve and especially can’t even begin to reach without God. 

This has been the bane of humanity for ages, following the tyranny of the apostrophe, of those who wish to make themselves Gods rather than God’s. 

Science has become God for those for whom the test tube instead the tabernacle is their object of worship! There is even research and experiments going on, involving cloning and hybrids, as if to invent new species! 

This is not to denigrate legitimate scientific research, developments, and breakthroughs in medicine, but to point out the more sinister nature of when science, along with technology, is used to advance an agenda of secular statist control. 

Just remember just as God strives to bring good out of evil, so Satan and his demonic minions try to bring evil out of good! 

Along these lines of a usurpation of God’s authority, there is also a movement called Transhumanism to contend with in which there is to be a great blending of humanity with technology, possibly even linking us all up to the internet internally in the name of human enhancement! It has been touted in various position papers, scientific journals, and the press (as well as on the internet, of course) over the past few years. 

Also worth noting is the degree to which what is known as artificial intelligence (AI) generated by computers and machines is to call more and more of the shots in this brave new word.

We’re not just talking about AutoCorrect in spell check here. There are serious concerns that AI and Transhumanism could one day get seriously out of hand. Do you want to live in a world where gigantic mainframe computers, Robbie the Robot, or worse, perhaps, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator call all the shots? Like you're stuck in a bad science fiction movie?

Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum and one of the main progenitors of the Great Reset spoke of a Fourth Industrial Revolution to “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” in an address before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in May, 2019, before the start of the pandemic. 

He had previously spoken approvingly in an interview in 2016 of the implantable microchips we would all have as this marvelous reset took shape. Is anyone going to call him on this, as to what his plans are now as he gushes about the great changes he sees coming our way? Was he thinking these implants would be used for commerce? Surveillance? Or both of these things?

This could easily and rapidly turn into Big Brother on steroids if implemented! You may remember this line from a popular song by the Police awhile back, (in a different context, of course!) “Every breath you take...every move you make I’ll be watching you.” In this case it would be the Great Technocracy watching all of us!

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think chips are for dips, cookies, and high-tech devices, as well as automobiles and such! Granted, amazing advances in science have made great strides against diseases in little over a hundred years. Yet one of the major pharmaceutical companies referred to the mRNA technology used in their vaccines as “functioning very much like an operating system on a computer”. When it comes to operating systems, I think they should be downloaded not injected!

Maybe this is just so 20th century, but I think operating systems should be for hardware, like cellphones and laptops; for machines. We human beings are not meant to be machines or soulless humanoids obeying the will of someone's keystrokes, be they beneficent, or malevolent, which, given human history, is a more likely outcome. I am a human being, not a machine! And so are you! Besides, God has already given us a great operating system, the Ten Commandments, His laws of love! 

Many traditionally minded Catholics and Christians have their spider senses alert these days about the Mark of the Beast being mandatory for engaging in any kind of commerce as foretold in the book of Revelation (Rev 13:17).

But you don't have to believe in this to understand the sinister implications of needing a QR code or a chip, implanted in the skin or otherwise, to buy and sell anything, particularly when everything about you can be programmed and monitored as mentioned earlier, for your own good of course, by all those in various technocratic bureaucracies. 

For those of you who are completely skeptical of religion or know people who are, for whom God is merely the Flying Spaghetti Monster dripping marinara sauce as he passes on by, do you still want to give that much power and control over to people who may not have your interests at heart at all but rather their own? 

What is deeply disturbing is the attempt to make the Almighty an algorithm, to digitize the Deity, to reduce existence to formulas, mathematical and otherwise. It’s as if human beings can somehow become the Creator, not the creation! And as we learn more and more of God’s handiwork, we risk becoming more and more arrogant, as to who is the real Author of Life.

You were created by God to be more than plastic and metal! Your body has an amazing aggregation of literally trillions of cells, over 30 trillion to be exact! It is the housing for your Eternal Soul in this life. And if you reach heaven upon your passing someday, God willing, your body will be reunited with that soul after our Lord’s Second Coming in a manner much more glorious, powerful, and magnificent than any puny transhumanistic attempt at immortality could ever achieve!

Remember also that your body is meant to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. The important thing for those involved in science and technology is for them to enhance God’s handiwork, not to try to replace it somehow, particularly with cloned animals or even human hybrids and lab-made viruses as with Covid 19, and such. All those who think of themselves as future Dr. Einsteins could wind up being Dr. Frankensteins instead! 

There are those, lusting after immortality, who fancy human experience as something that can one day be transplanted into some man-human hybrid form or transhumanist man-machine so they can live forever! But this would a counterfeit copy of our Lord’s vision of Eternal Life, a cheap knock-off at best! Your soul is not something that can be downloaded and uploaded into some memory card, or worse yet into some kind of humanoid soulless form. 

Your soul is meant to exist forever either in heaven or hell. It is something special created by God Himself, not by a team of engineers or an IT department! Those trying to usurp God’s role in our lives risk forfeiting their own place in heaven, where souls in true peace are to be united with awesome glorified bodies impervious to any sort of pain or suffering, in an eternity of amazing peace and joy upon our Lord’s Second Coming!

In the end each of us was made in the image and likeness of God to serve His purpose for us, not some algorithmic bureaucracy that bows down to Artificial Intelligence, Avatars, and Genetically Modified Everything, for the Brave New World!

Again, this is not to denigrate technological or scientific advances that could indeed make all our lives better, but to point out how horribly they could be abused by Modern day Molochs!

Increasingly we’re being asked to give our complete trust to Big Government, Big Tech, Big Insurance, Big Corporations, Big Big Big! What happened to “small is beautiful”? However well-intentioned the idea of a one-world government might be to take care of everyone’s needs, by its very definition this is a well-nigh impossible task for any group of experts, even if they're all geniuses, and most likely that’s not the case.

There are too many variables and decisions better made locally as fully as possible. And when they fail to bring about utopia will those with all that power step down? Yeah, right! More likely they will double down with their authoritarian ways ever more brutally, while they shift the blame from themselves for whatever mess they have created onto their increasingly unhappy populations. 

Note as well that you cannot nationalize virtue! The notion that those in government can't be every bit as greedy and corrupt as their counterparts in business is a pipe dream. Might not that One World Government become one gigantic Cookie Jar with those running things stealing all the cookies, leaving the rest of us with crumbs at best?

In addition, the notion that the abolition of nation states will somehow bring about peace from that one big global entity also misses a crucial point. How can any society that claims to be so all encompassing as to speak to the needs of all its billions of global “citizens” not slide precipitously into a dictatorial monstrously inefficient corrupt mess!

And thinking again about Big Tech and Artificial Intelligence, there is no magic algorithm that is going to bring about ecological and human harmony.

If you think otherwise, some of you may well remember back years ago about the amount of time you spent on the phone with some not-so-helpful help desk trying to fix some mysterious glitch that threatened to turn the computer that you got for Christmas into an oversized paperweight! To say nothing of the bugs, computer viruses and software security breaches still present today!

Think all these reset plans won’t affect Christianity? Think again! The pandemic has already brought some disturbing trends into place. Recently a church in Australia, in the name of fighting Covid, was fined $5000 for holding a gathering and not having the mandated QR code on their door! Each adult worshiper there was fined $1000 as well!

Also, this year a Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski was arrested for trying to hold a religious service in a supposed violation of a Covid Lockdown. Again, this is not to denigrate the fight against Covid, only to point out how much it can bring out the worst in control freaks running things nowadays. And many of their methods are not only brutal but quite ineffective. It’s like they’re not going after the virus, but rather the human spirit!

And what if traditional Church doctrine concerning libidinal issues is labeled as a hate crime someday? There are more than a few nowadays, for whom some variant of Secular Humanism/Statism is their only religion, who see Christians as the Taliban. According to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, there have been some 95 reported incidences of vandalism on Catholic Churches since May of 2020. 

As mentioned earlier, what if the New World Order brings with it some humanistic or pantheistic GMO "spirituality", with Jesus not being given much, if any thought?

When what is programmed in some code or chip or, heaven forbid, implant, determines your destiny, adherence to traditional Catholicism and Christianity could get you fined or otherwise persecuted, perhaps up to and including being denied access to food, educational and recreational facilities, and on and on. 

Again, look at what’s going on in Australia and Canada for examples of where civil liberties are being shredded in the name of fighting Covid! As in the first century with Herod and Nero, in the 21st there may be no room in the inn for Jesus or any of His followers.

You visited that Christian website, did you? Oops. No food for you at the supermarket this week. Or maybe ever! Unless you shape up and conform your thinking to that permitted by the New World Order or Great Reset or whatever or whoever is in charge! (As mentioned earlier, the French got a foretaste of that this past summer.)

Think this can’t happen? Read about Stalin’s terror famine in Ukraine in the 1930’s when that tyrant sought to brutally punish those in that region going against his will by confiscating all their food supplies resulting in the deaths of almost 4 million people!

Time and time again despots have sought to eradicate or otherwise neutralize Christianity, much in the evil spirit of King Herod ordering the massacre of all boys two years old and under in the vicinity of Bethlehem to try to destroy baby Jesus soon after His birth (Matt 2:16-18). They don’t want any competition from the True God in their False Kingdom!

The message I have here with some information and the links I’ve listed below is not meant to be fear-mongering. Quite the opposite, in fact. As our Lord would say, as He did in Luke's Gospel "fear not" (Luke 12:7 and 12:32). When you feel especially weary from all this pressure and nonsense, seek Him in prayer. The devil wants us afraid rather than alert after all! 

Say no to QR codes and any other such intrusive digital tracking devices being used in such a manner to keep us from practicing our faith in freedom!

To quote from Saint Paul, “now is the acceptable time” (2 Cor 6:2) to object peacefully to the biometric, bionic blitzkrieg headed our way, so that we may exercise our free will in serving God not man. Let’s have a Great Reset, alright, one in which we strive in loving obedience to be  members of the Social Kingdom of Christ and citizens-in-training for heaven!

God Bless,
Christopher CastagnolI
for www.ourcatholicprayers.com

(These websites provide some good food for thought.)


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