"…Could you not keep vigil with me for one hour?"Matthew 26:40

We recently came across this moving article the value of a Holy Hour which we wish to share with our readers. It includes a revelation our Lord gave to Dina Belanger (1897-1926), a French-Canadian nun and renowned mystic who was declared Blessed on March 20, 1993. 

We offer it to you as we received it below along with a PDF Versionhere in case you wish to share it with your friends and colleagues. (You can get the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file if you don’t have it already here.) 

When reading this, consider its essential point: your time spent with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament counts for more than you think, possibly for far more than you could ever imagine!

You Affect The Lives Of Every Person
In The World During Your Holy Hour

The Eucharistic Holy Hour, More Powerful Than Anything Outside Of The Eucharistic Sacrifice ---The Holy Mass

From the quotes of our Popes and Saints concerning Holy Hours of adoration, we can see how much importance they placed on adoration for a healthy spiritual life. The power of each Holy Hour that we make can be gleaned from these writings. These writings tell us that our Holy Hour is more powerful than anything is this world outside of Mass.

6.5 Billion People Graced

6,775,078,000. Over 6.5 Billion. Remember this number each time that you may have any doubts whether your sacrifice of time in volunteering to cover a Holy Hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament was a productive hour.

Why is this number important? It is the number of people living in the world that you affected by your simple visit to our beloved Lord, even if it was for a short time. According to St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, every Holy Hour we make so pleases the Heart of Jesus that every man, woman, and child living on earth receives a new effect of God's grace. This is the power of your hour. You alone have affected the lives of every person on earth through your sacrifice of an hour spent before our beloved Lord. 

If we ever wanted to stop wars, bring peace to earth, stop abortions in the world, stop evils of all kind throughout the world; this is the way to do it. Where else, outside of The Eucharistic Sacrifice, can you have such a huge influence on human history? Because of your hour, God has given to every one on earth, a grace they need to bring them closer to heaven and thus influencing them to stop any evil they may be involved in.

Souls, On The Precipice Of Hell, 
Go to Heaven Instead

A Holy Hour of adoration is so powerful that many souls in the world, that were going to Hell, instead are graced enough to be in the hands of God and on their way to Heaven. This revelation, about any Holy Hour of adoration, was given by our Lord to Blessed Dina Belanger during one of the many Holy Hours she made.

Not only are all people in the word graced because of a Holy Hour, but many are so graced that their whole life is turned completely around as to be on their way to Heaven. Just think, if we had not made a Holy Hour this very day, this may not have happened for many people and may not happen during their entire life. Our Holy Hour may be the only chance for Heaven that many in the world have.

You Influence Men and Women
To Enter Religious Life

This is a result of holy ours of adoration that many of our Saints have emphasized. Studies throughout the world show that in Dioceses where Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament is very prevalent, many vocations are abundant. For example, in the Kalamazoo Diocese, Michigan, adoration of the Eucharist has grown throughout the 1990's into the 21st Century resulting in 20 Seminarians in a few years. This doesn't count the men and women who have entered religious life from the Diocese in the same time period.

You Can Bring Your Family Closer Together

Our Saints have always emphasized that a Holy Hour is not a personal solitary "Jesus and me" encounter, but rather one that involves the entire Church. Our adoration reaches out to our families and our community, they say, and as a result, our families are very blessed and brought closer together. This is another aspect of adoration that many people don't realize.

People heavily involved in the different Perpetual Adoration Programs throughout the world often report of a loved one, who had left the Church, coming back because of those involved in Perpetual Adoration. Jesus will use many means to try to bring each of us to Heaven. He may be waiting for you to sign up for a Holy Hour of Adoration to bring one of your loved ones back to the Church.

You Make Up For Great Evils Of The World

We read often in the newspapers of many evils that are perpetrated on innocent people throughout the world. Our saints teach us that not only does our adoration grace everyone in the world, but actualiy repairs for many evils that might otherwise go unrepaired and unchecked. Your Holy Hour is very important to Jesus. He depends on you to help counter evil throughout the world.

It is said that everyone in life is given a mission by Jesus to fulfill. If we don't entirely accomplish this mission, it goes unfulfilled into eternity. There are numerous evils in the world to be repaired and made up for. You may be the only one to make up for some of them. Jesus may be counting on your Holy Hour to repair these evils.

You Open The Floodgates Of God's Mercy

One of the most important graces that God showers upon the earth, through your Holy Hour, is that of His great Mercy, according to Blessed Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. In other words, your Holy Hour opens up the floodgates of His Mercy onto everyone in the world.

For many people in the World, this may be the first time, or maybe the only time, they are ready to accept this grace. It also has been said, by our Saints, that God's Mercy is infinite, but that His Justice is total. God may be counting on your to extend His time of mercy for yet another day to many people in the world before He will try to use His Justice to save them.

You Help Convert America And Save The World

Asked "What will convert America and save the world?", Blessed Mother Teresa answered without hesitation that we need everyone to come together in Holy Hours of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Our spare time is always valuable to us, but it is much more valuable to our beloved Lord. He wants America to be converted, but it is up to us to come before Him to help bring this about.

You Help Stop Abortions 
Throughout The United States

Eucharistic Adoration is a very strong antidote specifically to the evil of abortion. If all Catholics in the United States would make adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament a weekly occurrence, all abortions in the United States would stop, according to Blessed Mother Teresa. We know that all Catholics will not do this, but we can at least do our part, in stopping as many abortions as possible, by sacrificing an hour of our time, each week, in coming before our beloved Lord in adoration. 




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